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The Brain Garden Trust is excited for 2024 – make sure you follow us on Instagram for our January mindfulness challenge

We’re not a huge charity, so visibility can be difficult.But we’re not letting that hold us back from our ambitious goal – we want more resources to support parents to manage stress and feelings of isolation when caring for their children with chronic health conditions....

December 13, 2023

Cultivating Resilience and Joy: The Heartfelt Mission of The Brain Garden Trust

Life's journey can take unexpected turns, and some children find themselves navigating paths that are a little different from their peers. It's during these times of uncertainty and difficulty that having a support network becomes absolutely invaluable. The Brain Garden Trust steps in as a beacon of hope, creating a space where children and their families can find solace, strength, and a sense of community....

August 31, 2023

Why I want to give back to parents and caregivers

My daughter was recently diagnosed with autism, and I found out my son had a heart condition when I was 18 weeks pregnant with him.It’s not my place to impart too much of my kids’ stories – they are personal to them. But......

June 29, 2023

Bringing emotional culture into the class environment

Last week, I ran an Emotional Culture Deck workshop with the Wellbeing leadership team ofRaroa intermediate school. They will help me run a pilot study to see how we can growemotional culture and emotional awareness among their students. I was really impressed by thewillingness of the teachers to take on more work even when we’re amid a COVID pandemic. The Emotional Culture Deck is a simple card game toolkit that helps leaders like teachers, ormanagers uncover what truly motivates their people...

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