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Supporting The Minds Of NZ Children & Their Families

The Brain Garden Trust is a registered charity who provide mindfulness-based support to children, and their families, living with a long-term health or neurodivergent condition.

We believe children, their parents and their families should have access to resources and skills to help them develop coping strategies that enable self-acceptance, confidence, happiness and lead a fulfilled life.

Why Donate To Us?

Every year a significant number of New Zealand children are born or diagnosed with life-changing, long-term health conditions.

We’ve seen first-hand the positive benefits of gently aligning body and mind through mindfulness-based skills and resources. We want to share this with the people who need it most. Children who are experiencing persistent pain, trauma, anxiety, stress and overwhelm because of a life-changing, long-term health condition and their families who often feel unprepared and helpless while supporting them.

We want families to feel supported, empowered and connected while navigating a life they didn’t prepare for. Living with long-term health conditions isn’t game over, it’s just a different journey.

Get Involved

As a registered charity we rely solely on the generous support of our community and supporters.

From spreading the good word to making a regular donation, there are many ways you can make a difference to children, and their families, living with long-term health conditions.

Educating & Empowering From Experience

Registered in 2020, The Brain Garden Trust is the result of a heart-centered journey.

Founder, Emma-Kate Woodham has lived a life against all odds. Born with a rare heart condition, Emma-Kate is a heart child. Her middle child, Rossi, is also a heart child. Together they know how scary it feels to have life taken out of your hands and to be at the mercy of hospital visits, medical intervention and not knowing what’s next.

The Brain Garden Trust is a beautiful tribute to Sally-Anne Woodham, Emma-Kate’s mum. An incredible woman who, despite the odds, enabled Emma-Kate to reach adulthood and today - instead of being led by her heart she confidently leads with her heart and supports other children, and their families, living with long-term health conditions.

You Can Make A Difference Today

We Are A Registered Charity

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