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The Brain Garden Trust is excited for 2024 – make sure you follow us on Instagram for our January mindfulness challenge

The Brain Garden Trust continues to dream and plan big; but finding funding is often frustratingly tough

We’re not a huge charity, so visibility can be difficult.

But we’re not letting that hold us back from our ambitious goal – we want more resources to support parents to manage stress and feelings of isolation when caring for their children with chronic health conditions.

Can you help us raise awareness and much-needed funding?

Our mission for 2024 is to raise $5,000 so we can share – far and wide – more resources and services for parents of neurodivergent or high-health-needs children. We want to help give you a space to manage your stress and feel part of a community.

Would you consider sponsoring one family’s therapy?

Our next step is to fund deep brain reorientating therapy (DBR) to parents around Aotearoa who have children with long-term health conditions. One round of DBR costs a family $750 and we’re asking individuals or businesses to kindly consider sponsoring us so we can support as many families as possible. DBR can be provided either online or in-person.

To help spread the word about the Trust’s work, from January 1 we’re running a 31-day mental health mindfulness challenge

We’ll run the challenge from the Brain Garden Trust’s Instagram page.

Enter for the full month or whatever works for you. We’d love it if you could donate a dollar a day for each day you commit to – so $21 for 21 days, $31 for the full month.

If you join our mailing list, you’ll receive a mindfulness video, a yoga video, and our 31-day template along with a few surprises. We've also got some great giveaways. For example, if you comment when you’ve completed our daily challenge, you’ll go into the draw to win mindfulness sessions, a best life guide, some candles, or a yoga subscription for Intune Yoga & Wellbeing – with Lisa Tregenza. 

Make sure you follow The Brain Garden Trust’s Instagram page to join and benefit from our January mindfulness challenge. It’s a great opportunity to reset and refresh for the year ahead – and a chance to win some amazing prizes.


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