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How We Help NZ Children & Their Families

Living with a long-term health condition can be a confronting, confusing and lonely journey.

Our 8-10-week online mindfulness programme delivers practical, emotional, and social support to the whole family of the child living with a long-term health condition. Enabling self-acceptance, confidence, and happiness to lead a fulfilled life.

The Mindfulness Programme

Over the 8-10 weeks our Mindfulness Mentors will work closely with the whole family.

Working together we calmly acknowledge thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations. We bring awareness and connect people with the present in such a way that it allows them to discover habitual thoughts patterns and automatic behaviours.

Teaching people techniques and coping strategies that enable them to accept where they’re at and how to, confidently, move forward.

Benefits Of Mindfulness

Coping with physical & emotional pain ~ Reduced stress & anxiety ~ Improved sleep
Less self-judgement ~ More self-acceptance ~ Improved mental health
Effective ways to work through difficult thoughts, emotions & overwhelm.

Let Be, Let Go & Let In.

Connecting Families

Stronger together. We thoughtfully connect families whose children have similar health-needs for social support. Ensuring children, and their families, are not alone during what can feel like a very lonely journey.

Our Vision

Creating compassionate, connected, and resilient minds so that children, and their families, feel empowered to confidently navigate life with a long-term health condition.

Our Mission For 2020 & 2021

To raise awareness of The Brain Garden Trust and our Mindfulness Programme.

To raise funds to develop the programme and train five more mindfulness mentors across New Zealand and enable more children, and their families, to join our fully funded programme.

You Can Make A Difference Today

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