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Helpful Resources for Parents

The Community Organisation Grants Scheme (COGS)

The Community Organisation Grants Scheme (COGS) is a vital initiative offering financial support to non-profit organisations engaged in delivering community-based social services. Aimed at contributing to the achievement of locally determined outcomes, COGS plays a crucial role in fostering positive change at the grassroots level. Through its grant program, COGS empowers non-profits to address community needs, promote social welfare, and enhance the overall well-being of the local population. This funding mechanism reflects a commitment to strengthening the capacity of organisations dedicated to making a meaningful impact on their communities.

Community Funding and Support in Wellington

Organisations other than the Council that offer community funding and support in Wellington.

Philanthropic Funding

Find out about philanthropic funders of youth development in New Zealand.

If you find yourself uncertain about the organisation and workings of the philanthropic sector in Aotearoa NZ, you're not alone. It can be a bit confusing, even for those of us deeply involved in it. Here's my perspective on the various forms of philanthropic giving, shedding light on where the funding originates, how it functions, and offering considerations and tips for those seeking grants.

Fostering Safety, Belonging, and Understanding within Rainbow Communities

Meet InsideOUT Kōaro, a national charity dedicated to fostering safety, belonging, and understanding within rainbow and takatāpui communities across Aotearoa. Committed to their vision of ensuring all rainbow youth feel secure and embraced, InsideOUT Kōaro engages in education, resource creation, consultation, and support initiatives. Their mission involves collaboration with diverse stakeholders to create safer environments for LGBTQIA+ and takatāpui young people, along with the development of resources and tools to enhance their health, wellbeing, and safety. Join InsideOUT Kōaro on their journey toward a more inclusive Aotearoa New Zealand.

Rainbow Individuals

Our vision is to create an environment where rainbow individuals can thrive, feeling secure, appreciated, and a true sense of belonging in their homes, educational institutions, and places of healthcare and social support. We actively engage across various topics and sectors, striving to foster comprehension, integrate rainbow-competent practices, and enhance the capabilities of those dedicated to instigating positive change.

The Catalytic Foundation

The Catalytic Foundation serves as the catalyst for businesses and donors, empowering them to maximise their social impact. By facilitating the giving of time, money, and resources to the community, we aim to ignite positive change and contribute to the betterment of society.

Te Rourou – a more equitable Aotearoa for our young people

Te Rourou is on a mission to create a more equitable Aotearoa for our young people. With a vision for every rangatahi to have access to the resources and opportunities needed for a thriving future, we're working to empower them with a sense of agency. Unfortunately, one in five young people in Aotearoa faces challenges beyond their control, leading to exclusion from opportunities and ongoing obstacles in health, education, and relationships. Te Rourou is partnering with communities, utilising digital technology to halve the number of rangatahi experiencing exclusion and disadvantage, fostering a brighter future for all.

CNW – Meaningful Contributions to the Community

Discover CNW, a not-for-profit organisation passionately supporting Wellington's social services sector and community groups. As an incorporated society and a registered charity, CNW actively fosters connections, empowerment, and real-time support among its members. Through monthly meetings, CNW provides a crucial platform for local non-profit organisations and community groups to convene, collaborate, and address significant sectoral challenges. These gatherings not only facilitate shared connections but also offer a unique opportunity for members to have their concerns heard at Wellington City Council, thanks to CNW's established relationship. Join CNW for a blend of warmth, shared connections, and valuable knowledge that equips you for meaningful contributions to the community.

Resource for parents with children on the spectrum

This practical workshop, designed for parents of children and adolescents with autism spectrum conditions, focuses on Acceptance Commitment Therapy principles. Participants will learn strategies for promoting flexibility in both children and parents, addressing issues such as teaching social expectations, handling difficult thoughts and feelings, improving communication, and understanding differences in brain function. The workshop aims to prevent meltdowns, assist with challenging behaviours, and guide young people toward a valued and meaningful life. Handouts, available as PDF downloads, accompany each part of the workshop, with additional resources provided in a combined PDF.

Rainbow Voices of Aotearoa New Zealand

Discover this Short Documentary Film crafted in 2019 to commemorate the reopening of Parliament's Rainbow Room. The film features an insightful interview with Georgia Andrews, offering a glimpse into the experiences and perspectives within New Zealand's Rainbow community. Explore the rich narratives and voices that contribute to the diverse tapestry of Aotearoa's LGBTQIA+ landscape.

TED Talk by Susannah Temko

Explore Susannah's TED Talk, where she shares her personal journey as an intersex individual. Highlighting the challenges and harm faced by the intersex community due to societal pressures to conform to traditional gender norms, Temko urges a shift away from outdated binary views of sex. Her talk encourages embracing the complexity of human diversity and fostering a more inclusive understanding of sex and identity.

Three child-friendly psychoeducation videos in the spirit of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Thoughts flowing through:
An ACT approach to how thoughts come and go and can get hooked on the way

Noticing thoughts coming and going

The Neurodivergent "foreigner" experience:
For autistic kids, feeling like foreigners in a neurotypical world


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